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Marijuana tips & tricks


  • The dried buds of the female plant contain the highest concentration of psychoactive compounds. These buds are usually what is sold and consumed as Marijuana.
  • Marijuana usually costs about $10-$20 a gram.
  • Herbal Smoke Blends can often be replicated that are legal and have decent buzz quality for a good high. Sometimes you can mellow out the ganja in a way that your joint does not act so strongly against your lunges. Some people can not manage the thickness of Cannabis smoking experience.




In small quantities, users find Marijuana both relaxing and stimulating.

The senses are enhanced, as well as the appetite.

In larger quantities (or with stronger strains) the effects may feel similar to LSD or Mushrooms. Users may experience nausea, mild hallucinations, anxiety, or paranoia.

Marijuana tends to cause an increase in heart rate, reddening of the eyes, and dryness in the mouth.

Marijuana is used medicinally to treat the symptoms of a number of diseases such as cancer, glaucoma, and AIDS.




While some people use Marijuana regularly, Marijuana does not create a physical dependence and users do not experience withdrawal symptoms.




Smoking anything, including Marijuana, can damage the lungs, throat, and mouth.

Marijuana is a Schedule I narcotic, and getting caught with it can lead to serious consequences.

Marijuana slows down reaction time and impairs driving.

Some people feel uncomfortable, nauseous, or paranoid after using Marijuana.


HOW IS Marijuana USED?


Marijuana is usually smoked, although it can be eaten.

Joints are the most common method of smoking but a wide range of pipes, bongs, hookahs, and other devices are also used.

Marijuana can be prepared in butter or cooked directly into foods for ingestion.

Often people will cook with the leaves of the plant rather than the buds.


Herbal Smoke Blends


History of Marijuana


Initially Marijuana was cultivated in early America as a fiber crop for making rope. It was not used for its psychoactive properties by early American settlers.

Several years later Marijuana made its way up the Mississippi to larger cities from the port of New Orleans. In 1920 Marijuana use was prevalent in the United States. By 1930 Marijuana was available in most of the larger cities.

During the 60’s and early 70’s Marijuana use reached epidemic proportions as it became a popular drug among young people. There were efforts to decriminalize it. During this period Marijuana use spread to youthful white males, from urban to rural areas, to larger numbers of women, and to older segments of the population as well.

Marijuana is not a new drug. The first written records date it to 4,000 years ago in China, where the emperor, Shen Nung, advocated its use as an all-purpose medication and as a sedative. From there its use spread to India and neighboring countries.

Early Hindus used Marijuana for a variety of purposes, including leprosy and fever. They also felt it was useful for creating energy and stimulating the mind. Hindus and Muslims also employed it to treat constipation, dandruff, hemorrhoids, obesity, asthma, urinary tract infections, loss of appetite, inflammation, and cough.

From India, the use of Marijuana spread to surrounding countries and the Middle East, then to Europe and the Americas.


Herbal Smoke Blends


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