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Guide to Growing Marijuana Indoors « Free Marijuana Seeds

Guide to Growing Marijuana Indoors

If you are a novice in the field of growing marijuana indoors, this article is a guide on how to cultivate marijuana in an indoor environment. For your first attempt, it is highly recommended to select seedlings that are quite easy to find, such as those strains that are just found in your bud. In time, when you have an increased level of experience in growing by yourself, then you now start shifting to purchasing the real cannabis seeds.

There are different types of seeds in the market these days, and they also belong to many different strains. There are dwarf low rider auto plants that automatically flowers, while there are also feminized seeds that only produce female plants. There are also various Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains. Indica strains are known to provide a sure couch lock session stoney high. On the other hand, a Sativa dominant strain can give you a head high rather than a body high.

There are many ways of growing marijuana, but the first thing that you need to focus your attention on is the soil that you need to use. Growing marijuana in soil is the best method to use if you are planning to use marijuana on foods and medicine. The characteristics of the soil can give a natural flavor to the plant, making it best for cooking.

It is also efficient to germinate the seeds first even before starting an indoor operation. To do so, place the seeds in a dampened and folded paper towel and leave them overnight. When the seeds sprout, they are ready. If not yet, it may help to re-dampen the paper towel again, continuing the process until all seed germinates. Also, it is very important to prepare the space. Enough space should be given for the plants.

Light is another thing that is very important when growing marijuana indoors. It may be helpful to stay away from fluorescent light bulbs. Rather, a good alternative is a compact light with at least 100 watts per plant. In this environment, your plant will grow better. The light should also be mounted in a way that can allow them to grow. For an even better output, use a reflector for the light, and a fan. The fan will make sure that the temperature does not get too warm, and also helps in circulating oxygen throughout the space.

22 Dec 2014
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