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Growing Marijuana in a Hydroponic Setting « Free Marijuana Seeds

Growing Marijuana in a Hydroponic Setting

Hydroponic systems in growing marijuana indoor offer a perfect scenario for any marijuana grower to enjoy the maximum yield of his plants. The technique of using hydroponic systems is now being utilized by many growers of marijuana indoors.

In an indoor environment, the grower has complete control on the quantity and quality of every plant. This can help a grower balance everything, from expenses, to the techniques being put to use. However, the better use of this technique is highly important in order to get the highest quality of strain.  Everything starts with preparation. The selection of the strain to plant and to be grown in a hydroponic setting extremely depends on the potency of a certain strain variety together with the compatibility of the same strain growing in traditional conditions. The seeds of a specific variety may be cloned or obtained from a grown mother plant. With the seeds, the entire germination process should be separately carried out.

In a hydroponic system setup, growing rooms that are commercially manufactured are made available in different shops. The standard size has a capacity to grow up to five plants. However, it is also possible to set up a customized system with the use of household materials. While it may be challenging, is not a completely impossible concept. With this system, nutrient solutions should be properly put in place. The water that will be used should be free from any impurity. A good choice is to use rainwater treated with reverse osmosis. Nutrient formulation should be enough in order to provide the plant with appropriate amount of micronutrients to nourish the growth of the plant.

Among the most popular light sources in any type of hydroponic systems are the HID (High Intensity Discharge) light which includes MH (Metal Halide), and HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulbs. These lights are known to offer the needed amount of illumination which is perfect for a standard hydroponic environment. The HPs lights come with their red spectral output which is a good source of light especially during the flowering phases. At the same time the MH bulbs are perfect especially during the vegetative period.

Reflectors may also be used to efficiently use the light output. At the same time, it is vital to maintain the level of humidity in the growing room. All of these factors need to be properly kept in place in order to make sure that the marijuana plants are healthily growing.

22 Dec 2014
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