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Different Methods for Growing Marijuana « Free Marijuana Seeds

Different Methods for Growing Marijuana

Growers of marijuana have different methods of growing marijuana. One grower may have a different style from another. The most important thing is that they all have the same output, as long as the basic growing elements are ready. There are different methods used these days in growing marijuana. The following are some of them:

Direct Seeding. This means that the seeds are germinated and grown inside a container where they will spend their life. The container will be filled with a seed germinating mix, as well as potting soil mixed with perlite. In order to prepare germination, the soil should be moistened, pushing a seed into the soil near to the top. Once the seed has been established in its position, a potting soil can be sprinkled over it. It is very important to make sure that the container stays moist and warm until the seedling starts to sprout. The container can be placed on a heating coil or pad to make sure that it remains warm. However, as a word of caution, make sure that the heat does not dry out the soil. If the seed does not sprout, you may have to redo the process all over again.

Paper Towel Method. Prior to planting, the seeds should be viable enough. This can be done through the paper towel method. In this style, two paper towels are wet, and squeezed out with excess water. Two sheets of towels will then be spread on a counter. Drop the seedlings to it, fold the towel, and place it inside a resealable container (preferably plastic). Place the bag in a place with warm temperature, such as the place on top of a refrigerator, or somewhere near a bulb. After five days, see whether the seeds have sprouted. If there are seeds that have not sprouted yet, close the bag again and continue monitoring the next days.

Rockwool Single Block. This method is done on a large tray filled with rockwool cubes. The cubes come with a hole that is prepunched, and placed one on top of another. As additional information, rockwool is a mixture of sand and melted rock spun together, creating fibers which are formed into different sizes and shapes.

Indeed, there are many methods applicable in growing marijuana. The mentioned ways are just examples of the overall techniques. Each grower can determine which style works depending on the circumstances revolving the growing environment.

22 Dec 2014
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